Our Story


We would like our patrons to have a truly
positive and memorable experience

How did shelly start and why?

 Shelly Beach Cafe is three local families coming together to create an iconic Australian cafe situated in one of the most idyllic spots on the East Coast of Australia. Shelly Beach Ballina. Responding to a deep yearning on our behalf and also the general community and Ballina Shire Council we successfully tendered for the opportunity to create Shelly Beach Cafe. 

Why the name?

The name Shelly Beach Cafe already had significance with Ballina locals who already associated it with wonderful experiences . We hope the name will be synonymous with our goals to provide an exceptional food and service experience in the wonderful setting we are so lucky to enjoy.

What does shelly want to transmit?

We want to develop a community hub for locals and visitors alike to enjoy wonderful food and service and share our beautiful setting. Get a taste of our local foods, simply prepared to get fresh  and memorable  flavours to you palate.

Enjoy a coffee, a wine, an early morning breakfast or a long lunch and also perhaps that special celebratory occasion or formal wedding . We would like our patrons to have a truly positive and memorable experience.

A bit of its history

We are piggy backing on the wonderful memories when Malcolm and Kylie Hamlyn ran a cafe with the same name on the same site. We opened in December 2020 and have endured a turbulent period to say the least. Busy times, COVID 19, lockdowns, inclement weather and catastrophic flooding. It is what it is and our team has coped admirably and we as a community are hopefully to better times.

Hopefully this June  2022 we will renovate to totally enclose the cafe to take bad weather out of the equation and facilitate improved customer experiences

What method of cooking do you use?

We love using authentic and traditional recipes from around the world gathered travelling and also

working with chefs from different regions of the world. I love recreating these classic dishes while

using local produce sourced from our region. 

We are so lucky at Shelly Beach Cafe to have such a great professional team working within a great team environment. We also have the amazing backdrop of Shelly Beach and the Pacific Ocean for our office that we never get sick of.